CCSD21, 59 name Danny Malik as director of school safety and security

January 18, 2024

Topic: Updates

Following the approval of the intergovernmental agreement with Elk Grove-based Community Consolidated School District 59, the Community Consolidated School District 21 Board of Education unanimously approved the hiring of Dinka “Danny” Malik as the first director of school safety and security, effective Feb. 1.

Malik has spent the last 4.5 years serving as the Arlington Heights Police Department’s school resource officer. In that role, he acted as the SRO and liaison for all public and private schools within the village, including Riley and Poe Elementary Schools. Prior to his role in Arlington Heights, Malik served as a police officer in the McHenry Police Department for three years. Malik has also served in the U.S. Marine Corps for more than four years before being honorably discharged.

“Once I took the role as an SRO, I developed a passion for school safety and working with the various stakeholders in an educational setting,” Malik said. “I’m hopeful that with my network, and with my background, that I’ll be able to get everyone to elevate the sense of safety and security in District 21 schools. If we can get everyone to have an understanding of their role, we can create an even safer educational environment that is also conducive to higher learning.”

In his new role, Malik will oversee the development and implementation of comprehensive safety and security programs at each district. This includes working with school administrators, local law enforcement and other stakeholders to assess potential risks, establish and refine emergency response plans, and conduct regular drills to ensure preparedness.

  In recommending his approval, CCSD21 administrators said Malik has been viewed “as a leader and trusted resource by the administration, staff and students at Riley and Poe, as well as the district’s central office administration.

“Danny is extremely student-centered. He focuses on ensuring the social and emotional well being of our students and staff while prioritizing their safety and well being with his training and incredible skill set,”  said Kim Cline, assistant superintendent of support services and school safety.  “Having him in this role will enhance the work we started this year, such as using the standard response protocol, and move other important initiatives forward, like our partnerships with our municipalities and neighboring districts.”

Malik will report to Cline and Dr. Katie Ahsell, assistant superintendent of student services and assessment at CCSD59.

Malik’s initial annual salary will be $125,000 per year for a 260-day administrative contract plus the standard administrator benefit package. The costs of the position will be shared equally between CCSD21 and CCSD59, with Malik becoming an employee of CCSD21.