CCSD21's Chromebook refresh cycle to target kindergarteners, third and sixth graders

August 3, 2023

Topic: Updates

As part of a routine refresh cycle, incoming kindergarten, third and sixth grade students, and all new students will receive new Dell Chromebooks shortly after school begins. Returning third and sixth graders will return their existing device and receive their new device in a swap process in the first days of school.  All other returning students will utilize their existing Chromebook that they have had over the summer for this upcoming school year. All students will then view a Chromebook care presentation with their teacher where they will learn about how to care for their device and how to stay safe.

Mike Frantini, chief technology officer for Community Consolidated School District 21, also urged parents and students to get their current devices ready for the first day of school by ensuring it is properly charged and in the case. Should a student have an issue with their Chromebook, they are encouraged to contact their school or principal.