Maggie Khayyata - '20

October 30, 2023

Topic: Meet our Alumni

Maggie Khayyata “Lights Up” (a song from Harry Styles’ Fine Line album)  when talking about being able to see her favorite artist in concert. Besides her love for Harry there is so much more to know about her. Maggie attended Riley Elementary School and went on to London Middle School. During her time at London one of her most memorable experiences was having Mr. Myers. He was her Homebase and Social Studies teacher in 6th grade. Maggie says “I value how he took the time to connect with all of us, he even made a unique handshake for each of his students”. Maggie still remembers their handshake six years later! 

After graduating from London in 2020 she started her freshman year during Covid. With her time at Buffalo Grove H.S Maggie has been heavily involved. She is a part of Student Council, Class Board, Blue Crew, and has played softball for all 4 years. She is an avid team player and works incredibly hard in the sport she loves. Her junior year, the team went on to win the MSL Conference and Regional Championship. 

There is a lot in store for Maggie’s future as she was recently accepted into Michigan State. She hasn’t affirmed her decision yet since she is still waiting on responses from her other top schools such as Butler and University of Wisconsin Madison. Maggie claims that “good study habits and pushing herself in her classes” has led her to these great accomplishments.  For her career she is looking to become a high school guidance counselor. She dreams of “helping students enjoy their high school experience” similar to how her counselor Ms. Vesper guided her.  

Outside of school Maggie enjoys hanging out with friends and playing with her dog. Maggie prides herself on being an empathetic person that others can come to for advice. She takes the time to listen and tries to make everyone’s opinions and values heard.