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CCSD21 a school is comprised of 13 schools across 6 different communities in Illinois.


Community Consolidated School District 21 serves nearly 7,000 students in 13 schools across 6 communities in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Twain Elementary School serves students through 5th grade. School starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 3:30 PM daily.

Physical Education Update

September 20, 2021

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Twain School Physical Education

Welcome back to another exciting year of physical education!  This year Mr. Oberman is back for his 31st year of teaching and Mr. Rivera, a 10 year veteran of District 21, has joined him for his first year at Twain. 

During the first two weeks of physical education, all students at Twain received training in safety procedures (fire drill, tornado drill, and lock-down drills), as well as spatial awareness activities designed to allow students to explore their surroundings at various speeds in a creative but safe manner. 

All students have also been presented with a safe but challenging method to navigate the unique obstacle courses located on Twain’s front and back playgrounds. Each course allows a large number of students to personalize their own training routine in a safe and efficient manner. Please stop by the school in the evening or on the weekend and ask your child to demonstrate what they have learned. Parents are welcome to, and encouraged to try this activity with their children. 

Fitness testing has already started with students in grades 1-5. The first test consists of a self-paced ½ mile run and is used to evaluate each student’s cardiovascular endurance. We will establish a base time with each student and then give each individual an opportunity to improve his/her score. 

Students are also currently participating in a soccer unit. Skills that are being taught include dribbling, passing, shooting, and a variety of lead up games. Ask your child to demonstrate the following basic soccer skills which we have practiced in class: toe taps, tick tocks, 2-touch passing, and Hot Potato passing. In addition to these soccer drills, students will be working towards modified game play.

If you have questions anytime during the year, please contact either one of us before school or through school email ([email protected] ; [email protected])